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Welcome to MyFace-Grounds, The Newest Way Of Communicating with friends family, and even business people!

Posted on 04-11-09 by PhyroDragon
I'm taking over Mat's Radio show today at 3:00 pm, so stay tuned for one heck of a weird show! I will talk about information on my upcoming projects in animation and the music industry.

So don't forget to tune in at !

Peace out!

PS: I really need to make a better news system for the front page. The current one is okay but it can get really bright and Matt doesn't seem to be able to implement it to site properly. Note to self: Make news system at Mat's house tomorrow.
Posted on 04-09-09 by Matthew Auld
Working on Voting system and there is a sample of it on the audio page, you can see it when listening to any song.

Plus working on getting my hosting payed up....
Posted on 04-07-09 by Matthew Auld
New layout on front page, with GREAT thanks to Mod Totoseigh for the design.

Also for all moderators there are new tools in the admin panel for adding games, so lets see this games zone GROW!
Posted on 04-04-09 by Matthew Auld
FIXED THE BROKEN GAME IN THE GAME ZONE, Well, after going through the game zone I found that IceBreaker was broken. So I replace the SWF Source. :D Now playable!
Posted on 03-23-09 by Matthew Auld
Tons of new images for icons up on the site to make it look better!


No-Album Cover:


Posted on 03-23-09 by Matthew Auld
A few more adjustments to the news layout and more will be coming VERY soon.
Posted on 03-21-09 by Matthew Auld
New news layout still being worked on still feels empty but, all and all the site is coming together really nice, and hosting will be paid for VERY soon.
Posted on 03-17-09 by Matthew Auld
Domain almost here! The domain has been purchased and set up with servers, just waiting for the domain to actually configure itself. :D

Soo Excited!
Posted on 03-12-09 by Matthew Auld
Newest and best update, coming soon is Video uploading! Once I have started paying for my hosting, I will be able to enable Video hosting, so all of you Youtube users, can upload your videos here too!
Posted on 03-11-09 by Matthew Auld
Newest Update!
The Zodiacs are now working! They are calculated from your Birthday.
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